SIP ALG TD-8840T v4

SIP ALG TD-8840T v4
SIP ALG TD-8840T v4
2014-06-09 04:14:59
Region : Australia

Model : TD-8840T

Hardware Version : V4

Firmware Version : 0.8.0 2.2 v0007.0 Build 140418 Rel.42874n

ISP : Telstra

I am having trouble running VOIP phones using my TD-8840T router.

The problem I am having is the phones are connecting using random ports (1634 / 1057 etc.) instead of the 'Local SIP Port' (5061 / 5062 etc.) that has been specified in the phone settings. I am using Polycom 335 IP phones.

My VOIP provider (mvoice) has asked me to disable SIP ALG. There is no settings in the firware to disable SIP ALG and the only information I have found is NOT suitable for v4.

How can I disable SIP ALG on TD-8840T v4?