WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!

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WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!

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WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-22 03:05:09
Region : Argentina

Model : TL-WA901ND

Hardware Version : V3

Firmware Version : 3.14.8 Build 130828 Rel.63678n



my situation is as follows:
The wired internet connection is going to building A, it gets into a wireless router ZyXEL NBG-419N.
I am situated in building B, which is about 60 meters away from building A. I wanted to improve my
internet reception signal, as there has been a signal with usable strength only close to the windows.
So yesterday I bought a TP-LINK TL-WA901ND access point, in order to use it as a repeater.
I have put it close to a window and I went through the configuration. Everything is working, but the
speed is rather potatic. Measured on speedtest.net, I could best reach about 5 Mbit/s. When I ping
the ZyXEL router, 10-12 pings are going through, then 4-5 are timing out, then again 10-12 go through...
Sometimes it gets better for a short period of time, sometimes it gets also worse...
I have been googling about what to do - I set 20 MHz channel width on both routers, but there was
very little benefit from this. I don't think, that the connection between the two routers is bad, because
if I put a laptop at the window, where the router is, the connection is very fast, I am getting about 20
Mbit/s!! I also tried changing the channels between 1, 6 and 11, but still no significant improvement.
PLEASE help me and advise what I could try, in order to improve the situation...

Many thanks!
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Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-24 10:58:35
Don't think that your two building to too far away from each other if there are some obstacles also?
Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-25 18:18:38
@fotodamaris - many thanks for your answer! Yes, I know that the speed decreases by half. With direct connection, I am getting about 15-18 Mbit/s,
half of it would be just enough for my purposes, but I am usually getting just a bit over 1 Mbit/s and a huge latency while opening websites. This is just
too bad and the only advantage is, that I don't have internet only near the windows...
I can return this router and get something else, I am just kindly asking you, guys with networking experience, WHICH device should I get ? Which one
is the 7210 (for me - a networking amateur, it's just the Nokia from the motion picture "The Matrix" :-D ).
I have read this article:


There they recommend Netgear WN2500RP, I can get this one, but the problem is, that the 10" small laptop, which I am moving anyplace around, does
not support 802.11a :-/
PLEASE PLASE PLEASE advise me on what to do and which device to get, it can't be that I am the only one having this setup... Thank you!!
Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-25 18:57:40
P.S.: Do you mean this device by 7210 ?


I have checked it - it is external, but I want to use it indoor. I think this is not a problem.
The problem is that I am not exactly sure what my problem is, meaning, why the speed
with WDS is so horrible!
On one side - WDS is decreasing the speed by half - so in order to get a good speed, I would
need a device with 2 radio modules, the 7210 is not such a device
On the other hand - it sounds logical, that the router doesn't get a good signal strength from
the main router. I think that this can be ruled out 1) because a laptop at the same location
gets an excellend signal and 2) I have put the router at an open window with direct sight to
the other router and measured the speed - NO improvement at all... So I think that just this
TP-Link model is not good for this purpose, even though I bought the most expensive module
with 3 antennas... But that's just a theory, please again - HELP ME!!

Thanks a lot!
Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-25 21:24:37
Thanks for your reply!

1) I can't wire the 2 buildings, it is impossible!
2) What I forgot to tell you - in Building A, the NBG-419N is put indoors, close to the window and it is connected to an external antenna, which is big and very powerful!
3) I have put the TP-Link at a higher position in the room. Now it is behind the wall, not in front of the window, but I managed to get a 7-8 Mbit/s, so it is slightly better.
Hence I decided to order 2 antennas Tenda Q2409, they have 9 dBi and are 375mm long and I will attach them to the TP-Link router, so I think this will help additionally.
Will HOPEFULLY get them tomorrow...
Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-26 05:12:00
Thanks, I have checked those antennas...
TL-ANT2409A is an external antenna, I cannot use it, because I would need to drill a hole through the wall or through the windows - this is not going to happen...
TL-ANT2408CL has pretty bad reviews - people are complaining that there is no difference in comparison to the original antennas delivered with their routers.
TL-ANT2408C is a separate antenna with a cable... I have no idea where to put it - wherever I put the antenna, I can put the entire router as well... I see only 2
possible positions - directly at the window, which didn't work very well and at that higher place where the router is located now... But if you are saying, that
it is really a VERY good antenna, I can go for it !!
Re:WDS very slow, PLEASE help !!
2014-09-27 03:13:50
Thank you, fotodamaris!! But I think, that I am now HOPEFULLY at the end of this saga !!! Today I've got a Netgear WN2500RP device.
And after putting it next to the window, I am now getting around 15-16 Mbit/s measured on speedtest.net. With a laptop at the
same position, I am getting about 16-17 Mbit/s, so it seems to be about the maximum of the possible speed between the two buildings!
And even the router in building A and the clients in building B are connecting at 2.4 GHz !!
So, tomorrow I will return the TP-Link device...

Many thanks for the tips and advices!!


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