WPA2220 connectivity issues

WPA2220 connectivity issues
WPA2220 connectivity issues
2015-02-23 07:02:16
Region : Brazil

Model : TL-WPA2220

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 1.2.4 Build 130530 Rel.39257n

ISP : VIVO (Brasil)

I have a setup with a powerline WPA2220 "base" connected to a Linksys DMG-6661, and then connected to 2 powerline APs. I don't know why I'm getting connectivity problems constantly. I tried everything, even putting the powerline APs in fixed IP (to avoid IP conflict) but it didnt help. Do you guys know what it is happening and how to avoid it?
Just in case you're wondering, my config is currently:
DMG-6661 router: IP:
11N Powerline AP 1: Fixed IP
- Just Wireless connections
11N Powerline AP 2: Fixed IP
- 2 Ethernet Connections to it (PS4 and Boxee)
- Wireless Connection
DHCP (done by DMG6661) range: to

Anyone with similar experience and a solution to it? I've seen some stuff here on the site about the 4220, but no one speaks of the 2220...

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Re:WPA2220 connectivity issues
2015-02-26 15:20:17
When the problem occurs, how about status of lights on powerline devices?
Fix different channels for each of Wi-Fi connections.