Powerline Adapter paired with a TL-WR810N?

Powerline Adapter paired with a TL-WR810N?
Powerline Adapter paired with a TL-WR810N?
2016-12-23 02:40:51
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I share an internet connection with my neighbor and we decided that he will keep the router with the actual fiber connection to the internet.
I bought a TP-Link TL-WR810N placed near a wall facing my friend router and till now that worked fine to extend the main WiFi signal from his router in my house. Few rooms on the opposite side of the house however still receive a weak signal due to a lot of walls in the house.
So I'm prone to think that a powerwall solution would fit best to bring the wifi singal on the opposite side of the house. However the TL-WR810N has 2 ethernet ports marked as LAN and LAN\WAN, on the LAN ethernet ported I attached my NAS, my question now is, if I connect the LAN\WAN ethernet port to the ethernet port of the "input" powerwall device, will it work?

The WAN port I thought is meant to use the TL-WR810N as an access point from an ethernet connection like in hotels, but I'm unsure if it will also work to "broadcast" the signal to the powerwall.

Any help is appreciated, also in deciding which powerwall should I buy =) I don't have any particular demand about bandwidth\channels etc, I just need a stable WiFi signal to connect a chromecast and smartphones and I want that the wifi keeps the same name and not that a new network is created with the NAME_EXT like many other products do.

The TL-WR810N is currently set in Client Mode