Setting up a TP-W9977

Setting up a TP-W9977
Setting up a TP-W9977
2017-05-04 03:51:44
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Hi -

I purchased a Tp-Link N300 TP-W9977 today, fully expecting to have an easy time setting up this contraption. I could never have been wrong.

I have fibre at home (newly installed) and am able to use this router to connect quite nicely to the internet. Howver, my phone, my sons PC, and his phone, will not connect. The get into the devices dashboard or management tool is a complete nightmare. I have to disconnect from the CPE box (so yeah, i cannot be online to use the 192.blah.blah.blah login), restart everythng, and if I am lucky, can get into the login screen. After several failed attempts (Forbidden 403), I am still nowhere near getting my other devices in the home connected to this product.

Has anyone here got the same device, or have any suggestions on how to configure it, and log into it while I am connected to my Fibre CPE box? Right now, I am not impressed with this tech, and am ready to return it tommorow.

Thanks in advance