New Firmware Release--Deco M9 Plus V1

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This article will summarize the changes for each firmware release for the Deco M9 Plus V1Review the firmware release notes to learn more about the improvements that come with each firmware release.


Deco firmware updates are released on a rolling basis, thus customer's Deco system may not get the update immediately after a new version is released (will get the update within 2 weeks). Customers need to update to the latest Deco App version to use the new features in firmware updates.


Latest Version: 1.4.0 Build 20200324 Rel. 53529 - Released June 08, 2020 

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Added switch for the UPnP function.
2. Added isolation switch for the main network and guest network in Access Point mode.
3. Supported Alexa native skill.
4. Disabled ping on WAN port to get rid of security risks.
5. TP-Link smart devices can be automatically added as smart devices after being connected to the Deco network now.
6. Improved system security and reliability.
7. Supported Zigbee device Muller.

1. Please update your Deco App to the latest version in order to use new features.
2. If there are other Deco models in your Deco network, you may miss some new features till other models release updates in the near future.

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Thanks for this update about firmware release. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to boost up your product.

My Deco M9 plus has 1.2.11 Build 20190929 rel. 55727

When I look for updates I get the message that the Wi-Fi system is updated.

When can we expect an update for th M9 Pus v2...

Thanks for this update about firmware release. Default Router Settings - Router Help  

Thank you

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