New Firmware Release--Archer AX10(US) 1.20 1.1.1 Build 20201116

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Hello everyone,


New firmware for the Archer AX10(US) 1.20 1.1.1 Build 20201116 has been published. For those experiencing issues like 2.4G downloading speed is slow or devices failed to communicate with each other when connected to the same Wi-Fi, update your router firmware first. You may get the new firmware on the router web interface or download it from the TP-Link website:



Review the below firmware release notes to learn more about the improvements.


Bug-fix Changes:

1. Fixed the bug of slow 2.4G download speed under some circumstances;

2. Fixed the bug that devices connected to the same Wi-Fi sometimes cannot communicate with each other; 

3. Fixed the bug that Wireless Schedule and Bed Time do not take effect as per the schedule;

4. Fixed the bug of not being able to access the Internet via IPv6 under specific circumstances.


New Features/Enhancement:

1. Added Smart Connect Function in AP mode;

2. Enhanced the security of the Web interface.



Let the community know if you still encounter an issue with your Archer AX10.

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