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January 15, 2021 — TP-Link has released an advanced home network security service, TP-Link HomeShield powered by Avira, on its Wi-Fi routers and Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Systems. As the first paid subscription security service, just like its name suggests, HomeShield is a robust shield for home network security, providing reliable IoT devices protection, real-time network safeguards, robust parental controls, and customizable quality of service.

HomeShield includes two parts, free HomeShield limited and paid HomeShield Pro. The features vary in different subscription plans. The following outstanding features under HomeShield Pro are deserved to be mentioned one by one.

  • Various Real-Time Protection

Filter Malicious Content: Based on Avira database to restrict risky content, such as phishing websites.

Intrusion Prevention: Security protection for routers to prevent network from port scanning.

DDoS Prevention: Prevent DDoS attacks.

Security notifications and logs: If Real-Time Protection is triggered, Deco APP will push notification and record logs on the HomeShield interface.


  • Unique features under robust Parental Control

Time awards

When the online time reaches the Time Limits, the client device will not be able to access the network, but the client device can obtain additional online time in the following two ways:

(1) The manager can give the client device extra Internet time in the Deco APP;

(2) When the client accesses the HTTP website, the following block page will pop up. The user can enter the verification code and send the request to the manager. If the manager passes the request in the APP, the client can obtain extra Internet time.


When enabled, you can set the time period when the family profiles can’t surf the internet and repeat on custom days. This way, you can schedule the Homework time of your kids and make sure they concentrate on their studies.

Family Time

Kids can hardly take their eyes off their phones? Reclaim your family moments by pausing the internet for a period to enjoy a network-free time.

  • Comprehensive weekly/monthly reports.

HomeShield produced detailed reports that included the following five parts on a weekly and monthly basis: Internet Use Overview, Online Time Analysis, Browser History Analysis, Network Security Statistics, and End Device statistics.

* Actual interfaces may vary from the image depicts.


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