TP-link HomeShield Service Update

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Thank you for your interest in our HomeShield service! As we strive to innovate and improve our offerings, we are currently in the process of rolling out some of the features that have been announced. Here's a detailed breakdown to give you a better understanding of the availability status for these features.


*Only some models are currently supported, others can be supported with further software upgrades. For specific feature-supported models, please refer to the HomeShield features availability update.


Modules Features Free Security+ Total Security Package Advanced Parental Controls Total Parental Controls Package
Network Security Router Security Scan
Wireless Security Scan
IoT Device Identification
Device Isolation*
Wi-Fi Access Control*
Camera Security*
IoT Protection × × ×
Web Protection × × ×
Intrusion Prevention × × ×
Devices Antivirus × × × ×
Parental Control Create Profile
Preset Age Template
Pause the Internet
Content Filter(by URL)
Block Specific Websites
Bed Time/ simple time limit
Insight/1 day
Flexible Bed Time/ flexible setting per day × × ×
Time Limits × × ×
Off Time × × ×
Time Reward × × ×
Family time × × ×
SafeSearch* × × ×
YouTube Restricted Mode* × × ×
Blocked Apps/App Time Limits/Always Allowed Apps* × × ×
Comprehensive Insights/30 days × × ×
KidShield*(Support iOS, Android, 2023 Q4 Support) × × × ×
QoS Device Priority
Scene Priority*(roll out gradually in Q4)
Reports Network Security Statistics
End Device Statistics
Internet Use Overview
Online Time Analysis
Browser History Analysis
The detailed report Is Based on the HomeShield package for network security and parental controls


General Questions

Q1: How do I know if my product supports HomeShield?

Please refer to This Link to see all the Supported models.


Q2: Why can’t I see the new Security+ and Advanced Parental Controls services on the Deco/Tether APP?

Please make sure your model is on the supported list, then confirm both the current firmware and Deco APP are up-to-date.

If you are still unable to see the new services, it is possible that you have subscribed to the older version of the HomeShield Pro service and your subscription has not yet expired.


Q3: How many parental profiles can I create? 

Users could create up to 16 profiles and add a max of 32 clients to each profile.


Q4: How many clients can I have Device/Terminal Antivirus Software installed?

Up to 5 devices under one subscription.


Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!


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