How to install a TP Link wireless network adapter

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PCI-e Adapter
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USB Adapter

Have you been trouble by the long cable of your desktop? Do you want to improve the wireless perfomance of your laptop?

TP-Link wireless network adapter provides a strong ability of wireless network access for your computer. You can enjoy your wireless network everywhere and don't need to worry about the cable limitation anymore.



We have some videos to show you how to install your TP-Link wireless network adapter.


For USB adapter, please go to: How to install a TP Link USB wireless network adapter


For PCI-e adapter, please go to: How to install a TP-Link PCI-e wireless network adapter

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 install Commotion, you will need the following items on-hand:

  1. A computer with an Ethernet port.
  2. The TP-Link router and its power supply.
  3. Access to a power outlet.
  4. One Ethernet cable.
  5. An Internet connection or the appropriate Commotion software image.

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