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2022-01-13 15:48:57
Re:Deco app missing "Internet Speed Test"
@TP-Link This is not a relevant response; the "Test Speed" function in the Wifi assitent tests the speed to your mobile phone whereas this question is about the "Test Internet Speed" function in the...
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2022-01-13 15:44:41
"Test Internet Speed" function gone from Deco App after installing X90
I previously had 5 X60's in my network, have replaced two X60's by X90's hoping to get better speeds. The resuly has been disappointing, not much improvement but also the function to test my real...
Forums/ Deco
2022-01-12 13:17:59
Re:Changed out X60's to X90's but performance did not improve
@Alexandre. Thanks for your response! let me answer your questions: To help you with Deco WiFi performance issues, please tell the following: Do you run your Deco mesh in Router mode or in Access...
Forums/ Deco
2022-01-11 18:03:13
Changed out X60's to X90's but performance did not improve
I had a network of 6 Deco X60's. My Fiber connection is 1Gb/s symmetrical. I was not happy with the performance and reach of the X60's, so I decided to replace the Main Deco (connected to the router)...