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2022-11-15 23:53:07
Re:mDNS repeater across VLANS
@Fae so the last update states the mDNS repeater. Will that work across VLans ?
Forums/ Routers
2022-04-07 04:15:43
Re:[TS 542294] Unraid server always gets dynamic IP even if DHCP Reservation is configured.
@Fae Unraid server is set to IP automatic. Omada is set to fixed IP for the Unraid MAC address. Server boots and gets a random IP instead of the fixed one set. However I don't have the problem with...
Forums/ Routers
2022-04-06 21:56:18
Re:ER605 ER7206 - “Use Fixed IP Address” (DHCP Reservation) Doesn't Take Effect
@Fae solved it for the cameras (vlan2) but did NOT solve it for the Unraid server (vlan3), it always gets dynamic IP what ever I set.