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Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
2023-04-04 02:25:06
WAN disconnects when I connect a router to the switch
The main router connects to the internet but when I add an AP (wired) it disconnects the WAN connection. Unplug the AP, WAN restores. Plug it back in, WAN disconnects. Setup was working fine for a...
Forums/ SOHO Switches
2023-04-03 02:59:40
Re:TL-SG116 Lost gateway and DHCP of the main router
Thanks for the reply. Strange things are happening. If I connect a device (PC) to the router no problem, if I connect the same device via the TP-SG116 the main router disconnects the WAN from the...
Forums/ SOHO Switches
2023-04-02 20:07:40
TL-SG116 Lost gateway and DHCP of the main router
The unmanaged router was working fine for a while but recently it stopped... All of the devices connected to the TL-SG116 are being assinged IP's 168.254.x.x with my network DHCP assinged IP's for...