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2019-02-08 03:50:13
Re:Re:Using TP Link Light Switch as IFTTT trigger
yes you are right you can turn on other smart devices in the room for example if the light turn on then turn on the tv AC tv box plug ....... this future is available in wemo switch and if you press...
Forums/ Smart Switches
2019-02-08 03:41:44
Re:HS210 (2 way switch) can't get wiring right.
you don't need to install 2 tp link light switch you need only one
Forums/ Smart Switches
2019-02-01 02:00:35
Using TP Link Light Switch as IFTTT trigger
Apologies if this is a newbie question, but is there a way to use a TP Link switch as an input (the trigger for an action)? I'd like a setup where if you turn on the smart light switch in the...