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Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
2021-01-15 17:04:34
Re:DNS Leak Test
@TomVeryGreen How i can fix it? if i used a ddns of tplink, becouse my ISP is a dynimic IP
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
2021-01-15 15:38:04
Re:VPN server connection issue
@bigor i have the same error, you can fixit?? ⏎1/15/2021, 11:31:37 AM EVENT: WAIT ⏎1/15/2021, 11:31:37 AM Connecting to []:1195 (xxx.109.52.53) via UDPv4 ⏎1/15/2021, 11:31:47 AM...
Forums/ Adapters
2020-08-07 00:42:48
TX3000E windows driver problem
Install the adapter through the PCI port, install the driver that comes on the CD but it does not work, in the device manager it appears with the name of intel Wifi 6 AX200 and the warning sign, no...