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By David-TP 2023-12-26 09:12:54

Optimize The Overall App Experience on Deco XE5300/XE75/XE75 Pro

This Article applied to: Deco XE5300/XE75/XE75 Pro_V2 Firmware Download Link: Deco XE5300/XE75_V2 1.2.4_build20231221 Deco XE75 Pro_V2 1.2.8_build20231221 Update Advice: 1. It would be more effective
Forums/ Deco
By TP-Link 2021-08-24 02:20:05

Deco M5 1.7.4/1.7.6

Current Release For Deco M5(V1/V2/V3/V3.2) Deco M5_1.7.6 Build 20240305 for EU version Deco M5_1.7.4 Build 20231222 for other versions(like US/CA/AU, etc.) Modifications and Bug Fixes: 1. Improved sys