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Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By farzad_ict 2021-04-29 05:21:38

TD-W9970 v4 Parental Controls not working well

Hello, when I turn Parental Controls on and set Effective Time to 10pm-12pm, it restrict my Internet on the time correctly. Out of this time my Internet must not restrict, but always (all 24hrs) I see
Forums/ Adapters
By farzad_ict 2021-03-05 19:52:05

Why link speed is lower than the device signal rate?

Hello, How can I increass my link speed in windows 10? My adapter TL-WN781ND specifications: Signal Rate Up to 150Mbps My router TD-W9970 specifications: Signal Rate 300 Mbps but my link speed is lowe
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By farzad_ict 2021-01-16 08:54:10

TD-W8961N time restriction and parental controm

Hello I can't find time restriction or parental control in the router panel. Where have they gone?! TD-W8961N (EU) v3.20