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Forums/ Feature Request (Routers)
By STN a week ago

Isn't it time to introduce ZeroTier support?

Isn't it time to introduce ZeroTier support? This technology is becoming very popular. It is already supported in routers ASUS, Keenetic, Cudy and so on
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By JF72 a week ago

Announce development

Development about an announcement when cams are power switched on/off...? If there are several users, it would be nice to get a message if someone switches them on or off, to be updat
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By capofalcone 2 weeks ago

Awful sound quality

I found an old post from 2022-03-01 17:00:20 with the same subject as a user who has the same problem as me. When I activate the camera and someone is talking it is unintelligible what they are saying
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By NguyenKhoi 2023-12-28 05:35:28

Tapo C220's mic noises

I've use the C220 for 1 month, and found out that its mic is so bad. It's like the noise reduction too much, makes the recording misses pretty much important sound. The recording is attached to this t
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Sunshine 2024-03-08 11:44:06

Archer AX80(US/CA) V1 Firmware 1.1.1 Build 231201 - USB Performance Boost

Hi All, A New Firmware has been released for the Archer AX80(US/CA) V1: 1.1.1 Build 20231201. This update brings significant improvements to the USB read and write performance, enhancing the overall u
Forums/ Feature Request (Routers)
By STN 2023-10-31 16:19:44

AX80 urgently need support for WebDAV

Modern and powerful routers, such as the AX80, urgently need support for WebDAV. The existing FTP are stone age and extremely inconvenient. And unsafe in the absence of SFTP...