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By Tim-Ryan 2022-06-15 22:36:15

DHCP with LAN Ports to TL-SG2210MP switch and EAP-225 no host name to IP address resolution

The Network contains the ER7206 as the Fibre ISP service on a 1G Ethernet SFP/WAN port DHCP server feeding 4 Copper RJ45 LAN Ports and a TL-SG2210MP PoE Smart switch Wired Clients include: Windows 10
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By jwaltrip 2022-01-14 19:22:53

Re:What is the difference other than POE power (watts) between the SG2210P and the SG2210MP

So...it looks like the SG2008P and the SG2210MP are comparable. Looke liek the 2210P does not have some of the L2 stuff that is in 2210MP and 2008P
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By Tim-Ryan 2022-01-23 23:15:47

DHCP not propagating hostnames for DNS resolution

Here's the problem; I am using this device to manage subnets of Ubuntu Linux servers and Windows 10 and 11 WS connected to a Genexis P3410B Gigabit Fibre Endpoint. The embedded DHCP server on the P341