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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By kilovar 2022-01-30 18:35:03

Guide to Installing Omada Software Controller on Raspberry Pi OS - V5

Update - 22 January 2023 Bare metal install on 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS - no Ubuntu server, no Docker. Tested with version 4 and now the latest version 5.7.4 of the Controller software. I have it runnin
Forums/ Deco
By ImranRn 2020-01-25 15:37:25

Not able to see other connected devices in the network.

hey guys. I have a question, i have my deco m5 set up as an AP. Router > main deco Router > switch > decoSlave The router i mentioned above is essentially one same router ( TPLINK C3150 ). So everythi