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By DannyZ 2022-11-14 00:04:14

Hardware controller version 5.6.4 problems

I recently updated the OC200 hardware controller to version 5.6.4 and the ER7206 router to firmware version 1.2.3. Since the update, the router is not honoring IP reservations and is not issuing valid
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By lukass2000 2022-11-05 09:39:37

What does Gi1/0/5 or Gi1/0/24 mean?

Hello, I keep getting the following messages in my OC200 logs: Loop was cleared on [osw:TL-SG3428:00-5F-xx-xx-xx-xx]'s port Gi1/0/5. or T1600G-28TS port Gi1/0/24 was blocked. Can someone explain me th
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By JGM_JGM 2022-09-16 14:50:05

Turn off lights OC200

Is it possible to turn off the lights of OC200? The option "controller settings" in settings menu is in grey... and not accesible! :-( Thank you!
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Fleegle61 2022-09-08 19:55:46

Remote logging from OC200 to Synology NAS issues

I started remote logging from my OC200 to my Synology NAS 920+ I am getting some information but it does not appear to contain everything. The 1st part of the log is cut off (MAC address or hostname)
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Fleegle61 2022-09-07 22:24:24

Odd MAC address showing up after OC200 5.5.7 and 2210P 3.20.4 upgrades

Anyone notice after their upgrades that their event log is showing odd MAC addresses that do not resolve to anything?? I also notice that they are different VLAN's. Right now it only appears to be my
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By lflorack 2022-09-03 20:35:44

Omada Hardware Controller v5.5.7 issues

I installed the newly released Omada Hardware Controller v5.5.7 firmware on 2 September. It seemed to run Ok until this morning. When I say, 'OK', the OC200 has been losing connection/readopting a dev