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By ProtoFoe 2023-08-14 08:36:09

Can a faulty Deco shutdown my whole network?

Howdy. In recent days I've had several network drops, which I first thought was my Internet hub. Then, I realised the only devices we notice it on are ones connected to the P9 mesh - either directly v
Forums/ Deco
By ProtoFoe 2021-11-26 20:59:03

Can I see if I dropped connection?

Hiya, So today I've dropped from wired to wireless on my PC, resulting in paused Teams calls and then a disconnect on a game. Can I see if this was my Deco unit? I swapped out the Ethernet between dro
Forums/ Deco
By ProtoFoe 2021-11-20 13:34:51

Upgraded Internet / New Hub - Should I do anything to my Decos?

Hiya, As the title says, I just upgraded to Virgin Media 1 gig fibre. Should I do anything to my Deco units? Reset them, etc? Kind regards
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By ProtoFoe 2021-11-09 16:14:20

Deco P9 and Steam

Hiya, Hopefully someone can assist :). I recently setup P9 units in the house, all good. Today, myself and my partner went to update the same game, at the same time on Steam. As you can see from the s
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By Shrimper 2020-06-05 05:50:45

Connecting switch to deco p9

Hi New to the deco p9 so please excuse a basic question. I have a virginmedia superhub3 in modem mode. I can get the deco p9 WiFi working brilliantly. However I can't seem to connect a switch to maste
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By ProtoFoe 2021-11-06 17:16:49

Expanding my Deco Network

Howdy, I've recently purchased and set up 3 P9 units, however they don't quite hit the furthest part of the lower floor - which is fine, it's a nightmare anyway. Can I add another Deco unit to the net