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By PrakashSankar 2023-01-17 22:55:25

xc220-g3v v2.30 VOIP registration Failure

Dear Team , XPON Model : XC220-G3v v2.30 Firmware Version:1.2.0 0.8.0 v6062.0 Build 220907 Rel.7774n Hardware Version:XC220-G3v v2.30 00000000 Issue : I could not register the telephony service, thoug
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By ManojAgrawal 2022-09-03 08:16:04

XC220 G3v GPON Disconnected

I have bought TP-Link XC220 G3v V2 for FTTH Internet connection with BSNL (Maharashtra, India). After connecting the optical cable and starting the router, the GPON registration status shows GPON Disc
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By Chinnasamy 2023-01-04 06:01:29

XC220-G3v V1 XPON | Unable to change XPON mode from GPON to EPON

Hi, I purchased XC220-G3v V1 XPON router and tried to configure it with a EPON ONT, The dropdown is not working to switch. Anybody experienced the same ?