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By JohnBD 2023-07-18 22:17:28

Slow Web Management on OC200

I recently installed an OC200 controller with a TL-SG2210P switch and 2 EAP610 AP's. running the Omada app on iPhone and iPad work great, as does the local web management on a wired windows PC. Howeve
Forums/ Controllers
By Calvin_b 2022-06-23 06:13:40

TL-ER7206 V1.0 router on Firmware 1.20.... Omada Cloud says upgrade available, but it s not listed?

Hi, I have a TL-ER7206 V1 on Firmware 1.2.0 We are getting random dropouts on the router and suspect its NOT the router, but wanted to get on the latest firmware as part of troubleshooting. In our Oma