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By NickFa 2022-07-15 06:45:56

Use ethernet backhaul without wireless backhaul networks

Allow the user to turn off wireless backhaul hidden networks when ethernet backhaul is in use!! I have a single 5GHz network created and my 2nodes deco X50 (connected with ethernet backhaul) create 6
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By NickFa 2022-07-15 06:33:11

Make the deco app functional!

I don't understand why the deco app is designed to be so inconvenient to use.. All clients data are scattered or missing completely from app/ web management! On the main page: 1) Indicate the app conn
Forums/ Deco
By NickFa 2022-07-07 00:25:13

High speed clients (iphone 12 or newer) do not utilize 6ghz!

High speed devices do not remain connected to 5ghz but jump to 2.4ghz when connected to the secondary node (it does not happen when devices are connected directly to the primary node). Secondary node-