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By Domada 2023-02-19 06:18:27

Omada Reboots all my devices even though the schedule was deleted.

Hello, Omada seems to have a setting cached that automatically reboots my router, AP, and switch on Sunday at 1:00 AM. It does this every week, even with the old firmware of omada of 5.7. I deleted an
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By Domada 2023-01-08 04:13:01

VPN and communicate across VLANs

Hello, Controller Version 5.7.4 Firmware Below I am using OpenVPN to connect to my er7206 while outside my network. I have this openvpn server taking on the connections through the VPN LAN by labeling
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By Domada 2022-12-27 16:37:37

Omada mDNS Repeater + Chromecast

Hello, (Hardware below) I currently have 2 separate networks in different VLANs with an AP plugged to one port. In order to block the traffic across the VLAN's I used ACL to deny all traffic. In a sep
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By Domada 2022-12-27 05:44:37

Omada SSIDS + VLAN Tagging issue

Hello, (Hardware below) I am attempting to set up 2 WLANs on my AP, and both of them are assigned to 2 different VLAN's via the VLAN ID, butclients are able to communicate across VLANs. Looking online