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By Keytree Friday

local devices not accessible via deco M4 WiFi (3d-printer, rasp pi, pico pi)

I have local devices that I want to access via local WiFi (with 3x Deco M4's) , but I cannot get it to work. The devices are not visible, can not be pinged and do not respond, even though they are con
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By Coppee 6 hours ago

IP-adres veranderen

Good morning. Question, I have installed Deco M4, now I do not see MyCloudex2ultra, it is on a different IP range, how can I change my IP address so that I can see it. (e.g. now I have an
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By Nigelx 3 weeks ago

Deco and AV600

Hi, I am currently using a AV600 which is fed via a cat5+ from 1st build(thick walled cottage)to a 2nd build (50ft away) this also feeds a 3rd build (further 20ft away) wireless. I now need to improve
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By roy679 3 weeks ago

Main Deco

I have 1 Deco X20 & 2 Deco M5. Which one is better to be main Deco? Thanks.
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By ifti12 2024-05-08 22:23:10

Mixing Deco M5 and X20

I previously had a main router Deco M4 and the secondary was Deco E4. Although they worked fairly well, I wanted to receive better service because, for some reason, the network connection in my room w
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By psantori 2024-05-02 06:06:31

Extending a PX50 Powerline

Hello, I would like to extend my 3-modules PX50 Powerline setup to cover an additional area. The new module would ideally be placed outdoor as a replacement of the existing primary PX50 module. I assu