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Forums/ Kasa Smart Thermostat
By Konrad44 2024-02-13 19:01:13

Open Window Detection - Just turn off heating

I have Tapo T110 sensors linked with KE100 thermostats. On Open Window Detection I can see 2 options: Notify me Notify me and turn off heating Can you add another, third option to turn off heating onl
Forums/ Kasa Smart Thermostat
By Konrad44 2024-01-30 21:57:27

KE100 window detection with 2 T110 sensors

I want to buy Tapo T110 sensors for my KE100 smart thermostats. One of my radiator is very long (over 3 meters) aligned under my 2 separate windows. Can I assign two T110 sensors for one KE100 thermos
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By Konrad44 2024-01-23 23:40:57

Tapo P110 wrong energy usage

Hello I want to report problem with calculating energy usage. I found similar posts but in closed threads. I have Tapo app 3.2.515 installed on my Pixel 4a 5G (Android 14). I set simple cost per KwH f
Forums/ Kasa Smart Thermostat
By Konrad44 2024-01-22 00:28:14

KE100 and Tapo app support

Hello. Most of Kasa devices I can use with newer Tapo app. Unfortunately, I can't use my smart thermostats KE100 with Tapo app. Are you planning to add support for KE100 in Tapo app? Many users want t
Forums/ Tapo Smart Sensors
By Konrad44 2024-01-22 00:07:41

Tapo Sub-GHz sensors / switches and Matter

Hello I have question about Tapo Sub-GHz sensors (like T110, T310) and switches (like S220). How will these devices become compatible with Metter? Do you have plans to release newer sensors/switches h