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By HenrikUJ Tuesday

How to get support from TP-link, when red lights flashes in setup!

So no support? Red lights blinking when waiting for blue lights.
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By VCL 2019-09-17 09:26:17

Deco M4 wifi clients with wifi connected and "no internet"

I Have a pack of 2 of deco M4R units, wifi was setup, apparently no issues. The network topology is WAN - ISP router (bridge port) - deco M4 (1Gbps+ cables all over, all ports are 1Gb). I have exactly
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By BrianWealthall a week ago

Is there an optimum distance between Deco units?

Is there an optimum distance and desired cindbetween Deco units?
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By Paqueiros 2 weeks ago

Android devices loose conectivity with deco M4

Good Evening, I bought a set of 2 Deco M4 to use in my house with my ISP DOCSIS 3.1 EMTA (ARRIS) however I can't seem to get a good experience with Android devices(tp-link neffos x1lite and xiaomi red
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By Bluess 2 weeks ago

Suggestion for M5 + M4 system

Hi everyone, My house is a 3 story building. With 4 bedroom, 1 living room and 1 kitchen. I place 3 m5 nodes and 3 m4 nodes with daisy chain like below. In back room f2 (2nd floor) I only got around 3
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By aukemeijer 2019-07-30 18:01:27

Using Deco outdoor

How can I extend my Deco M5 system to my patio (outdoor). My penthouse is very well isolated and I have only reception in the first 2 metres outdoor. Which product can I add yo my system to use outdoo