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By Jayendra 2020-05-07 15:15:04

Connecting DECO M5 to my existing router or set it up as the primary router itself?

I have just bought a DECO M5 pack of 3. I am confused whether I should just connect it my exisitng router or use the DECO as the primary router itself. I would like to have suggestions and the benefit
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By Ardeen 2018-11-02 20:39:04

Deco M5 with 2 ISP's via a load balancer

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Help! I am out of my depth. I live in the country with limited broadband bandwidth and came up with a plan to ease the problem. I have got a second
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By CasaP 2020-04-14 20:54:31

Why do we need to "signup" to use hardware?

Really? I just spent a small fortune for this mesh system to find out I can't even set it up without giving tplink my email address? What gives? Why do I need my email account tied to my access points
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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-03-10 17:42:11

What is (HiddenSSID)

Hi, If i put my PC's network adapter into monitor mode a network named "(HiddenSSID)" appears instead of my wifi network name. It doesn't appear in my phone's wifi settings or any other devices settin
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By Hisham_A 2020-03-04 20:13:44

Re:Deco M5 WiFi Backhaul

leogz wrote Really strange speeds. All problem @ link between main deco and router, try something crazy, change one slave deco to main deco and change link. Maybe something crazy in main unit. Change
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By Hisham_A 2020-03-03 06:22:48

Re:Deco M5 WiFi Backhaul

@Hisham_A Hi Dear i receved the Deco and i coneect all my howm, it working very good but i loss a lot of speed in the slave Deco the SNR betwin the Deco mor than 38db but i get less than quarter of my