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By ThirdColt 2021-10-16 22:44:51

12v supply

Hello, newbie here so pleaee be gentle. I live on a boat with 12v and 240v (vua an inverter) I see that the MR200 has a 12v supply from its plug in at 240v. Can I chop the plug off the wire ans wire i
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By SandeepAich 2020-12-09 15:00:09

Shutting down the 5GHz channel on the AX6000

I do not have any 5GHz devices connected to the Archer AX6000 router. Can I shut down the 5GHz channel and just keep 2.4GHz channel running? If I shut down the 5GHz channel, will the 2.4GHz channel ge
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By Ricky222 2020-05-19 23:53:18

Trying to find Service in Middle East

Dear Forum, I have recently purchased an TP-Link Archer C5400 router. At the time of purchase it seemed to be working fine, but as soon I set up at home I experienced erratic behaviors (router restart
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By Haslett 2020-05-20 05:04:44

Average speed in village

I am thinking to buy Tp Link router. Could anyone tell what is an average speed that you get in a village?
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By Bhupendra 2020-05-20 08:49:00

Fail to connect

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By mistermajik 2020-05-20 09:07:56

AX50 with RE505X, or Deco M9?

I have a dead spot in my house, and looking to buy an Archer AX50 with a RE505X extender, or the Deco M9 (three pack) I know they are different setups, but wanted to ask general recommendations (or if