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By JChris 2019-08-25 17:08:56

Differences between TL-SG1008P v2 and v3

Is there any difference between TL-SG1008P v2 and v3, besides the updated TP-LINK logo on the front of the v3 model? I read their manuals and didn't notice any difference in the specs part.
Forums/ SOHO Switches
By JChris 2019-07-28 13:58:31

What's the difference between TL-SG108 v3 and v4?

I need to buy an unmanaged switch for my home environment, my requisites are the following: Gigabit IGMP Snopping v2 Fanless TL-SG108 seems to be the ideal choice for me, but I'm afraid to buy an old