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By Khammer 2021-02-02 09:48:12

Deco x60 appears bricked - and cant firmware upgrade / reset

1. The x60 which was my main Deco yesterday was displaying a Red Light. 2. Checked Router etc no issue 3. Rebooted - On reboot YELLOW light solid 10 seconds then goes solid RED. Then blinks YELLOW the
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By TP-Link_Deco 2020-07-24 10:56:14

Re:Deco X60 - Weak Security (iOS 14 Beta)

@MLVC Hello, sorry for any misunderstanding caused. Can you please confirm again the WPA3 is enabled successfully? And please also send us the screenshot of "weak security" warning on your iPhone iOS
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By AnonyOne 2020-07-12 14:43:55

"Weak Wifi Security" on iOS 14 (beta) for Deco M5

hi, the lack of WPA3 support OR the ability to disable WPA have been plaguing the Deco product line for quite a while. as if to make things worse, it seems that new device operating systems (desktop a