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By vW0%63H*ybU$ 2014-08-10 05:53:23

TL-ER5120 How to: NAT port forward from different IP addresses

Region : Argentina Model : TL-R470T+ Hardware Version : V4 Firmware Version : ISP : TL-ER5120 v2 running latest firmware (TL-ER5120_V2_140212). How to: enable NAT port forwarding for different public
Forums/ Routers
By Taki 2019-11-07 11:58:38

TL-ER5120 V4 one to one NAT not have NAT Loopback

For some reason I cahnge my TL-ER5120 V2 to TL-ER5120 V4 today. Yes I buy new TL-ER5120. But when I setting it done. I find the V4 was not support the NAT Loopback . When I on the same LAN device , ke