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By ReturnOfTheMac 2021-03-15 16:13:29

Deco's crash in AP mode when uploading large files

Hi My M4 Deco's crash and go red when a large file is uploaded (c. 100mb or greater) on my connection (60mb DL / 17mb UL). Note that I use Google Drive for Desktop to do the upload and I have the uplo
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By Kevin_Z 2020-02-20 08:39:02

Re:Firmware Gap

@Zakii Hello, the latest firmware on the AU site is available for AU version, which is the specific edition. To fix the issues mentioned on the release note, we launched firmware to help customers to
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By rabak 2017-12-28 03:59:58

VR600 WiFi client cannot see LAN clients (AP isolation is off)

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Hi, I recently bought the VR600 to replace my current modem In the VR600 I use 2 LAN ports: 1. A server I have near the VR600, 2. Connected to a WDR
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By Enxada 2016-02-14 17:12:35

TD-8970 Remote Desktop on local network

Model : TD-W8970 Hardware Version : V3 Firmware Version : 0.9.1 1.2 v0035.0 Build 150427 Rel.63930n ISP : Hello, I had a DLink modem/router and I replaced it with the TD-8970. Before I changed it, I c
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By ReturnOfTheMac 2020-02-24 12:16:32

Can't access Remote Desktop when connected via router, but can when connected via access point

Hi Very strange networking issue. Here is my topology (desktop in seperate room to router): Router -> Powerline -> Desktop I cannot connect to Remote Desktop if connected to WiFi via my Router. Note t