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By Niceguys 2020-04-03 06:33:02

Deco M5 wired connection with 1Gbps internet Wifi speed @ 500Mbps

I have incoming internet speed of 1Gbps, my 4 Deco M5s are connected in a daisy chain router mode, if I plug in my computer into any of the Decos I get 1Gbps, however all my devices including new Hp c
Forums/ Deco
By Niceguys 2020-03-20 10:15:54

Wifi speed slower than LAN

My internet has been upgrades to 1Gb, I have a Deco M5 mesh, in both modem and router modes, the incoming speed to Deco is also 1Gb tested with the app, and the speed I can get with my computer ethern