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By ChrisSCR 2020-04-15 07:18:58

TP Link Decco P9 a total dissapointment

I purchased this router because it seemed like suc a great option with all the "apparently good features" now after more than 2 months of ussage I would never buy a TP link product again, this was my
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By deatiit86 2020-04-12 03:59:29

Deco P9 and frequent internet connection failure

I bought and installed a 3-unit Deco P9 system. It seems work work well but very frequently the internet connection is dropped. I have tried setting it up in Router and Access Point mode. Initially I
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By CasaP 2020-04-14 22:24:28

Feature Request: Setup an AP without signup

Why is it not possible to set up these units as a dumb but powefull Access Point without being forced to use an email address / signup / sign in polling? i.e. possible packet sniffing. You guys need t
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By MarkBFr 2020-03-06 10:31:41

TPLINK Deco P9 'Mesh' & TPLINK Archer MR600 'OneMesh' - single control app?

Just purchased TPLINK Deco P9 and in the same week Archer MR600 only to see I misunderstood the difference between 'mesh' and 'OneMesh'. Will new firmware make both products 'OneMesh' soon? Can I use
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By CasaP 2020-04-14 20:54:31

Why do we need to "signup" to use hardware?

Really? I just spent a small fortune for this mesh system to find out I can't even set it up without giving tplink my email address? What gives? Why do I need my email account tied to my access points
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By Will_W 2020-04-09 18:47:21

Re:P9 firmware update

@Nik_Bcn Hi, I got 3 P9s for my son's house and had similar issues. I think the problem is that the powerline backhaul doesn't cross over from one 120VAC leg to the other in 240VAC service. Two of my