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By sharu_tagaru 2020-10-25 13:06:36

VI 4G sim (merged vodafone and idea ) is not working in TP-LINK MR6400

Vodafone and idea companies merged and launched new VI 4G sim in India, both Vodafone and Idea 4g sim's are Currently working in my MR6400 router but new VI 4G sim is not working, I'm getting an Error
Forums/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By AntonBu 2021-04-02 15:09:38

mobile router for nordvpn

Hello all! Please help me for choosing model of mobile (4g) router for nord vpn ord proton vpn
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By Tovino77 2019-06-22 06:56:19

Internet working in one TP-Link router, not working in a new TP-Link A6 router.. ? help!

Helping my mother with her new internet in a area where internet isnt available, we bought her a TP-Link Archer A6 for 39$, I brought my old TP-Link Archer C9 out just incase. Using the newer router s