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By antch 2020-03-23 17:37:17

Can't update firmware on Deco M9 Plus v2

I recently set up a Deco M9 3-pack (V2), and when I go to "Update Deco" in the app it says that my firmware (1.2.12) is up to date when it isn't -- that firmware is 5 months old and there is a newer v
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By everthecurious 2020-06-10 15:34:18

Is the Deco M9 Plus V2 EOL?

Ordered a single Deco M9 Plus V2 and just got a call from the supplier that they were not able to get their hands on one and suspected it was EOL. I checked the page of tplink (https://www.tp-link.com
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By Spiisfint 2020-01-29 07:51:33

Deco M9 Plus V2 problem

Hi I have an issue with the Deco M9 Plus V2. Story: I bought a set of 3 Deco M9 Plus V1 and they works fine with the app. I wanted to expand my network and bought a new set of 3 Deco M9 Plus. They new
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By Raziel78 2020-06-25 14:14:15

Deco M9 Plus v1 updated firmware versus neglecting the v2

Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone. I need an advice regarding the Deco M9 v1 and v2. I’m used to using the v1 and decided to expand the network so I ordered more Deco M9 but received the v2
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By Superior3000 2019-09-19 08:19:42

Deco M9 Plus Hardware v2 vs v1

Hi. In my home I have 4 units of Deco M9 Plus v1 and one newer unit Deco M9 Plus v2. Q1: What is the difference in the hardware versions? Q2: They seem to have different firmware builds. Will they get