Kasa Camera Live Streaming

Kasa Camera Live Streaming
Kasa Camera Live Streaming
2022-01-01 22:14:50
Model: KC115
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.3.6

I use my KC115 camera as a baby/toddler monitor

i have a deco x60 mesh wifi network. 

Now the live streaming has worked well for a while however recently with no changes to network or hardware we now ge the pop up message "continue live stream" regaularly. 

obviously the camera and phone are on the same network. Have even tried using the deco guest network on 2.4ghz only with just the camera and phone on it to see if that work but hasn't made any difference. 
he's I have enabled wpa encryption on the guest network. 

surely as both the msa camera and Devi are tp link they should work together seemlesley and did for awhile. 

but not something has changed and renders it almost useless. 

any help on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated before I change camera system