Remote control

Remote control

Remote control
Remote control
2023-09-19 11:44:35
Model: Tapo L510B  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.1.0 Build 230721 Rel.224802



I have query about remote access/control of my Tapo L510B smart bulbs.


They all installed easily and are all working well and are controlable at home as expected using the Tapo app, over home wi-fi.


The problem is that when I leave the house and walk away, as soon as I go out of range of my home wi-fi, every bulb goes "offline" which is not helpful. TP-Links own blurb states:

"Remote Control – Take your phone out for the pocket and open the Tapo app to control your light remotely". I assumed that I'd be able to do this by either piggy-backing someone else's wi-fi, or using my smartphone mobile data (as I can with some cheap and cheerful smart plugs I own, using SmartLife). As it is, although I might be able to schedule lights going on/off before leaving the house, I currently have no means of monitoring what's going on once out and out of my wi-fi's range. 


I assume I must be doing something wrong. Can someone help by pointing me towards a solution?


Many thanks!



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