What should I do if my Kasa device keeps losing connection or going Offline?

Released On: 2018-11-27 07:29:08Last update time: 2024-03-28 08:47:35

There are some circumstances in which Kasa smart devices do not work stably or lose connection from time to time, this could be due to the network environment or some other reasons, here are some helpful tips to fix the situation.

1. Ensure the router is working properly. Reboot the router and Kasa device and see if the smart device reconnects.

2. Ensure the Kasa smart device is receiving a Good Wi-Fi signal by checking the signal strength on the Kasa app. If the signal strength is less than -70dBm, move the Kasa device closer to your router for a try.

3. Update the firmware of the Kasa device and ensure the Kasa APP is up to date in the APP store or Google Play.

4. Turn off Advanced Wi-Fi settings on the router like "Band Steering" (also called "Smart Connect" or "Whole-Home Wi-Fi"), Wi-Fi Optimizing or "Channel optimization" etc.

5. [Optional] Try to configure the smart device to another router's 2.4G Wi-Fi or a mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi to verify whether this issue is related to the specific router.

Below are the detailed instructions to reference if needed. 
What should I do if my Kasa device keeps losing connection or going Offline?

You can start a new thread on the community according to your smart device's model number with the following information for further assistance if the problem remains.
1. The detailed problem description and the test results of the above tips.
2. Led status on a smart device when it's offline: Red/ Flashing Green/ Solid Green, etc. 
3. The model number Wi-Fi router and your network topology, e.g. ISP Spectrum-Archer C7 router<Wireless> Kasa device
4. How often does the issue happen?



You can disconnect it completely if your wireless internet is not powerful enough to maintain a link with your smart TV. If you stream of 4k standard, you will be noted this more, as the stream uses more bandwidth than 1080p. 

I havent had a problem with connectivity with my smart bulbs/switches. I connected my cameras KC310S2 and now my smartbulbs/ switches will not stay connected. If I reset the router the smart bubls/switches will connect then lose connectivity within 30 min. I have discouneccted the cameras and I still have the same connectivity problems. 

Your router is the center of your Wi-Fi network. If something is wrong with it, all devices in the house will suffer. So it’s a good idea to make sure it’s in good shape.

Before continuing make sure:

Upgrade the router to the latest firmware: This generally helps with security, compatibility, and performance.
You’re not blocking a client via its MAC address. (Doh!)
Backup the router’s settings to a file: You can reset and restore it to a previous state if you mess up. That happens.
You have a router with a web user interface and are comfortable with the interface itself.
(If you’re using a router that only uses a mobile app and no web interface, your chance of getting things fixed is minimal.)



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I had a similar problem which is very much now improved what I actually did was set up DHCP reservations on my router meaning that although the router was allocating the IP Address the IP Address would always be the same for all of my permanently connected devices.


I hope this helps someone.