What should I do if the SD card cannot be formatted/recognized?

Released On: 2021-06-22 08:17:21Last update time: 2024-04-04 09:47:03

Most SD cards will work with Tapo/Kasa cameras. It is recommended to test the SD card before using it. If you encounter issues such as being unable to format and recognize an SD card, rebooting, clearing app cache, re-inserting, and changing another card may help.

1. Ensure your camera firmware and app version are up-to-date before you try the suggestions. Before initialization, remember to back up important files.
2. Some SD cards may not be suitable for use in cameras. Please make sure the SD card inserted in the camera is compatible with the Tapo camera. For more details, please refer to What Type of MicroSD Card does Tapo/Kasa Camera Support? 
3. SD cards have a limited lifespan and may become faulty over time, please replace SD cards regularly.

If your microSD card cannot be recognized or cannot be formatted, here are some suggestions:

1. Turn off the camera, and remove and re-insert the SD card several times. Then turn on the camera and check if the SD card can be recognized.

2. Clear the app cache and format the SD card in the Tapo app again

3. Try another High Endurance microSD card.

4. Verify the status of your microSD card. Insert the card into a computer with an SD card reader to see if it is recognized. 

5. Test the card with third-party software such as H2testW to ensure the SD card is good. Here is an instruction: How to Verify Fake Micro SD Cards? 

For detailed troubleshooting, please refer to the article: What should I do if the SD card cannot be formatted/recognized? 

If the problem remains, you can start a new thread with the following information for further assistance.
1. The model number and capacity of your microSD card.
2. The model number, hardware, and firmware version of your camera.
3. The error message appears on your Tapo app.
4. The test results of the above steps.



You are encrypting our SD Cards and made them inaccessible, stripping us from the RIGHTS of our own SD Card. Please review this and post a fixing bug and stop saying that our SD cards are FAKE.


Same thing happens to my sd card. Any fixes on this?