Burglars Go Away — Away Mode of a Tapo Smart Plug

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Burglars Go Away — Away Mode of a Tapo Smart Plug


“Please Help!

I have to travel a lot for work and I worry that being way so much makes my home vulnerable to break ins. I usually leave the lights on when I’m away, but it’s running up the power bill a bit. Besides, I’m not sure that really makes it look like there is someone home. Is there any way to make it seem like there’s someone at home when I’m away?”

Worries like this trouble many people. When you’re away from home, you’ve probably already got enough on your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home, too.

Technological advances today offer multiple solutions to this problem. A simple and affordable one from TP-Link is the Away Mode feature built in to TP-Link’s Tapo smart plug.

What is the Away Mode feature?

Away Mode intelligently simulates someone being home by turning the plugged-in device (like a lamp) on and off intermittently, making it appear that someone is home when you’re away.

You might think, “Wait, what if someone looking for a target in the neighborhood notices that my lights regularly turn on and off?” Away Mode turns things on and off at randomized intervals.  

If you have two or three Tapo plugs placed in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen respectively, even your neighbors would think that you are at home.

How do you set up Away Mode?

This is super easy. You can download the Tapo app to easily control your smart plug wherever you may be. Then tap the    icon on your Tapo app to preset the Away Mode. Set the beginning time and the end time, then your smart plug will turn on and off at randomized intervals during this period.



Set up Away Mode, and go and travel with peace of mind!

Smart home is a trend well underway.

Let these devices make your life not only smarter but also more secure. Unleash the full potential of your Tapo smart plug and you’ll be surprised what awesome things such an unnoticeable smart home device can do.


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