Schedule Your Kasa Smart Plugs to Follow Your Daily Routines

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Schedule Your Kasa Smart Plugs to Follow Your Daily Routines


There must be at least one moment when you feel so tired that you don’t even want to bother sitting up and turning off the light. There must be at least once that you feel uneasy whether you have left the water heater on while you are away. You might wish the home runs itself as you like.


Smart plugs offers one way to this, the most economical one perhaps. The magic of a smart plug lies in that it turns your normal appliances into smart things. A very useful feature of smart plugs is that you can set schedules to turn the plugged-in devices on or off at set times to match your daily routines.


Kasa smart plugs of TP-Link is your reliable choice for this. All it takes is simple setup in the Kasa Smart app. For example, I want my living room light, which is connected to my Kasa smart plug, to turn off at 12:00 PM every day. Just open the Kasa Smart app and set schedules with a few steps.



You can also remotely control your plug anytime, anywhere. Just set it and enjoy it. Let smart plugs lead your way to a smarter home. Unleash the full potential of your Kasa smart plug and you’ll be surprised what awesome things such an unnoticeable smart home device can do.






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