Control Smart Lights with Just Your Voice

We've all been there - wet hands, full arms or juggling several things at once. You want to turn on your lights, or you need more light. You could stop what you’re doing to get to the switch... but, wouldn’t it be easier, faster, and more convenient to speak simple voice commands, and have your wishes carried out? That's what smart lights can do!

Voice control of your smart lights can make life significantly easier for you. Working out how to set it up for your device is simple - check out how!

How to fulfill voice control?

First, smart lights should support voice control and specific voice assistants. Before you buy smart lights, check out the main features and their supported voice assistants.

Second, you have to pair the smart lights with your preferred voice assistant. Some smart lights support multiple voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. You can choose the preferred one to make them work together.

How to pair smart lights with voice assistants?

Here we take TP-Link smart light Tapo L530B/E as an example. It can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to free up your hands.

There are two options for connecting the smart light and voice assistants once you complete the basic setup.

1. Open the Tapo app, go to Me > Voice Control, select the corresponding voice assistant and follow the app guidance.

2. Open the Google Home app or Amazon Alexa app to add your Tapo smart light. Refer to the detailed instructions for Google Home and Amazon Alexa on the TP-Link website.


When voice control is up and running, you can speak commands just like you act by touch. Use simple voice commands to set the scene for a party, turn lighting on and off without leaving the couch, or even change colors in your dining room to create the perfect ambiance.