What can I do if I fail to set up my Kasa smart device?

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Some customers may encounter problems when trying to set up a Kasa smart device. Here we have summarized some common problems and solutions.

Case 1: No Internet

To ensure the kasa device works properly, the Kasa app will guide you to connect your mobile device to your home Wi-Fi network and make sure it has internet access.

If this step fails, the app will report the following error message.


  1. Open the browser on your mobile device and check if you can surf the internet. If not, please kindly check your router’s Wi-Fi settings and make sure your phone can get internet access.
  2. Make sure you have allowed internet access (both cellular data access and WLAN access) for the Kasa Smart app installed on your mobile device.


Case 2: Unable to Connect to Your Smart Plug Wi-Fi

During the configuration process, the Kasa device will broadcast a default SSID (TP-Link_XXXX). Just connect your mobile device to this Wi-Fi network so that you can communicate with the device and configure it to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

To get through this step, we must confirm:

  1. The mobile device can see and connect to the Kasa device’s Wi-Fi network;
  2. The Kasa device could assign an IP address to the mobile device, usually 192.168.0.X;
  3. The Kasa device can communicate with the mobile device smoothly.

If any of the above steps fails, you will see the following error message.


  1. If you cannot see the default SSID of the Kasa device, please hard reset the Kasa device as per User Guide. After that, try again.
  2. If you can see the default SSID of the Kasa device but fail to connect, please move your mobile device closer to the Kasa device or plug the Kasa device at another location to eliminate the possible wireless interference.
  3. A VPN connection may affect the normal communication between the mobile device and the Kasa device. Therefore, if you have a VPN application running on your mobile device, please disable it and then try again.

Case 3: Unable to Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network

Once your phone is connected to the default Wi-Fi of kasa device successfully, the Kasa app will guide you to connect the kasa device to your home Wi-Fi network. In this case, the device will make a Wi-Fi scan and show the surrounding Wi-Fi AP list.

If you cannot find your home Wi-Fi name in the list, you can scan again or tap “I can’t find my network” and manually type in the SSID of your home Wi-Fi network.

If this step fails either, you may receive the following error message. And it may be caused by your router settings or the environmental wireless interference.


  1. Please have check whether the LED status is solid green at this step. If yes, it means that the device has already been connected to your home network. You can click Exit Setup and the Kasa device will list on the dashboard page. You can tap the device to go to its Device Settings page to change its name and icon.
  2. Make sure you have typed in the correct password. The password length cannot exceed 64 characters (8 characters at least) and it doesn’t support some characters such as single and double quotes.
  3. It may be caused that the kasa device is too far away from the router and gets a weak signal. Please move it closer to the router for a check.
  4. Check if there are any MAC Filtering rules on your router. Make sure the Kasa device is NOT added to the Blacklist of your router. And also ensure you don’t enable the Whitelist feature.
  5. Try to fix the Wi-Fi channel as channel 1, 6, or 11, and fix the channel width as 20MHz to eliminate the Wi-Fi interference.