HS100 & Alexa, treating it as a Light instead of a Smart Plug

HS100 & Alexa, treating it as a Light instead of a Smart Plug
HS100 & Alexa, treating it as a Light instead of a Smart Plug
2017-12-02 05:42:27
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I've got the HS100 set up with Alexa and it works great. I can say "Alexa, turn on floor lamp" and it works perfectly.

What I'd like is to be able to say "Alexa, turn off all lights" and the HS100 floor lamp turns off too. My smart bulbs will all turn off with that command because inside the Alexa app, they're considered light bulbs. The HS100, on the other hand, is considered to be a smart plug and so it doesn't respond to a command referring to the lights.

I can create a scene called "living room" and say "Alexa, turn off living room" and it'll turn off both my lights and the smart plug, but I can't simply do "turn off all lights" and get it to trigger the smart plug.

Anyway, is there a way within the Alexa app to change the device type from Smart Plug to Light for the HS100? If I could do that, it would simplify things and allow the HS100 with a light plugged into it to act like a light and not a floor lamp. How do I change the device type of the HS100 in Alexa?
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Switches vs. Plugs vs. Bulbs
2017-12-05 07:12:03
I second this and have posted about this regarding the Google Home.

There absolutely needs to be a way to cleanly differentiate between:


Where this can be an issue is my ceiling fans, part of a light (technically) which have their own power switch. Google Home sees it as a switch so turns it on when I ask to turn on all the lights. This is even if the work light, lamp, etc. is not in the name.

I ask to turn on all the lights and it mostly works apart from the fan.
Ask to turn off all the plugs and it turns off every device.

There is some combination of hard coded device in the back end and the name that Google knows which causes this behavior.
I would like to see some clear insight here.
Especially switches as they can control more than just lighting. Plugs are wide open.

Re:HS100 & Alexa, treating it as a Light instead of a Smart Plug
2018-01-24 06:05:59
I would like this to work as well. I believe they'd need to add a selector switch that makes Kasa report the light as a light, instead of a Smart Plug AND they'd need to tell Alexa that the features of that smart plug when set to Light mode allows On and Off, but not Dim, Color, etc. This seems like it shouldn't be too hard. We'd likely need to rediscover the devices once we changed the selector switch to Light mode to pick up the changes.