Kasa Cam Outdoor app UI

Kasa Cam Outdoor app UI
Kasa Cam Outdoor app UI
2019-08-24 22:18:22
Model: KC200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 2.2.19

These are basic requirements for a modern UI.


  • Recordings should be scrollable, allowing users to review recordings in succession without having to return to the main listing
  • Thumbnail images should be scalable to make them easier to see
  • Activity zones should restrict recordings to action within those zones
  • The built-in sensitivity should be able to distinguish between movement by people and movement by things like leafy tree branches 
  • iPhone and iPad apps should be identical; activity zones can be set on an iPhone but not an iPad
  • Removal of recordings should have the option to check multiple recordings for deletion in a single step
  • There needs to be a desktop/laptop interface so that a mobile device isn't necessary when using a standard computer and so downloads can be made directly to a hard drive
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Re:Kasa Cam Outdoor app UI
2019-08-26 21:37:46



Thank you for the suggestions.


The option to delete multiple clips or all is one customers have been asking.


With respect to the others, they will be forwarded to our devs.