TP-Link Powerline - 2000Mbps!!! | REVIEW

Re:TP-Link Powerline - 2000Mbps!!! | REVIEW
2020-02-24 23:02:38


__David__ wrote


I have a 4-port wifi access point.  If I disconnect one device to connect it to the Powerline adapter, can I connect the device I removed to the powerline adapter?  I can change it back to wifi if I need to, but the documentation is not clear.  It does look it supports two ethernets at the far end, and I have seen tp-link adapters for four ethernet adapters.





If you have a wired only powerline adapter kit like the TL-PA9020P KIT, you can connect a Wi-Fi access point at the end to provide a wireless connection. The wired only powerline devices are pretty much a "wired" or as if you were running a Ethernet cable through your electrical wiring.


If the second powerline adapter has multiple ports, you can connect multiple devices either a computer or a multiport device.