No function in the software

No function in the software
No function in the software
2020-01-11 18:36:43 - last edited 2020-01-15 01:11:05
Model: Tapo C200
Hardware Version: V20
Firmware Version: Last avaiable.

These functions are important and will really facilitate camera management:
1. Alarm "Camera Power OFF" , my lovely kids are already "figuring out" how to bypass the camera.
When they TURNS OFF AC POWER, I have not control, what they do.
- The camera is set on the front door to control if the kids bring their friends when we are not at home.
I need to Alarm notification when the camera reboots 😉 (Runs again),
"Was restart Camera to lack of power".
2. Schedule of alarms (notifications), I can get mad when, for example: on Sunday or another day off we are at home and still I have an alarms about zone violation.
Camera records according to harmonogram.
3. You have schedule "Record", but there are only two options:
- Record
- Record after motion detection
Desirable will be option:
- Private mode

I can sets Private mode in schedule.